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Grasshopper 124V

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MODEL 124V 124V Studio

The Model 124V is the perfect introduction to Grasshopper comfort, quality and durability for residences or landscape professionals just starting out. The smaller size of the Model 124V zero-turn riding lawn mower combines powerful performance with a compact design, professional-grade features and zero radius maneuverability that is ideal for tight quarters mowing.

Sale Type
Engine Size
724 cc
8HT 8F/M2
41" or 48"
Gasoline - unleaded
Ultra quiet, single, industrial type.
Air Cleaner
Integrated, cyclonic air cleaner with 5-step debris management system
44.2 cu. in. (724 cc)
Fuel Capacity
6.5 U.S. Gal. (24.6 l) (48)
Cooling System
Lubrication System
Pressure Lube/Filter
B&S Commercial Turf, V-Twin
(Uncrated)– 41" Deck
700 lbs. (317.5 kg)
(Uncrated)– 48" Deck
810 lbs. (367.5 kg)
Mulching Package– 41" Deck
17 lbs. (7.7 kg)
Mulching Package– 48" Deck
25 lbs. (11.3 kg)
Height (ROPS)
57.5 in. (146.1 cm) (41), 59.0 in. (149.9 cm)(48)
Height (Seat Back)
46.0 in. (116.9 cm) (41), 47.0 in. (119.4 cm) (48)
Height (Seat Cushion)
28.0 in. (71.1 cm) (41), 29.0 in. (73.7 cm) (48)
Deck Width (Mulch*)– 41" Deck
42.5 in.* (108.0 cm)
Deck Width (Mulch*)– 48" Deck
49.5 in.* (125.7 cm)
Deck Width (Side Discharge)– 41" Deck
54.5 in.* (138.4 cm)
Deck Width (Side Discharge)– 48" Deck
61.5 in. (156.2 cm)
Length (midmount W/ DuraMax® Deck - Mowing Position)– 41" Deck
76.0 in. (193.0 cm)
tire sizes
Front Wheels – All Models
13x5.00x6 (41) 13x6.50x6; pneumatic with greasable, double-sealed bearings to protect from grass wrap.
Drive Wheels – Optional (4-ply Rated)
Drive Wheels - Standard (4-ply Rated)– 41" Deck
20x10x8 turf, 4-ply rated
Drive Wheels - Standard (4-ply Rated)– 48" Deck
20x10x10 turf, 4-ply rated
duramax® decks
Belt drive with single Kevlar V-belt and idler arm tensioning.
8 in. (20.3 cm)-diameter machined aluminum housing with 6-bolt pattern.
Mulching Package #
504548(41), 504551(48)
Sentry™ Spindle System, 2.5 cm (approx. 1 in.) O.D. shaft. Spindle head designed to eliminate fiber wrap. Double bearings, non-greasable.
1.0 to 4.5 in. (2.5 to 11.4 cm)
CONSTRUCTION (Robotic-welded Steel)
Double-layered 10-gauge plus 10-gauge formed-steel spindle plane 0.269 in (6.83 mm) thick with 7-gauge skirts. Anvil-edge design (48) with 0.5 in. (12.7 mm) reinforcement on front edge of deck.
BLADES (Tempered, Alloy Steel)– 48" Deck
(1) 15 in. (38.1 cm)
BLADES (Tempered, Alloy Steel) – 41" Deck
(2) 21 in. (53.5 cm)
features and benefits

Heavy-duty Deck 100 Deck

  • Extra-deep, 5.5-inch deck is fabricated from heavy-gauge formed steel with a reinforced anvil edge

  • Specially designed cutting chambers enhance airflow for better cut quality

  • Deck easily converts from side discharge to optional Down Discharge™ mulching or PowerVac™ collection

  • Sentry™ spindles with massive, 8-inch flanges anchored in a 6-bolt pattern, spread the force of impact for greater strength

  • Spindle planes are fabricated from double-layered formed steel laminate and combine with the spindles to form a triple-strength deck to keep blades level and deliver a high-quality cut.

  • Sentry™ spindle guards shield spindle housing and seal lower bearings from fiber wrap and dirt ingestion

Vigilant Operator Presence System™ 125V 52 Tree

  • Standard, low profile operator protection structure (OPS) with an adjustable seatbelt

  • Dampened steering levers that return to neutral from forward and reverse

  • Interlock switches that shut down the engine when the operator leaves the seat while PTO is engaged or levers are in drive position

B&S Commercial Turf Engine 24 Hp B&s Commercial Turf

  • 724 cc (44.2 cu. in.) Commercial Turf, V-Twin, OHV engine

  • Heavy-duty components enhance power and reliability

  • Five-step, Integrated Cyclonic Air Management System for cleaner performance

  • Extended maintenance intervals

  • Three-year limited commercial engine manufacturer warranty (see dealer for details)

Design-Matched Transmission HTE Drive

  • Design-matched, fully hydraulic Parker HT Series integrated pump-and-wheel-motor transmissions with in-line cooling fans and fine-particle filtration

  • No power-robbing gearbox or other wear parts for longer service life

  • Provides best-in-class transmission fluid change interval with no break-in period, reducing costs and maintenance time

Shock Impact Reduction System™(SIRS™)

  • Unrivaled comfort with iso-mounted Ultimate Suspension Ride™ scuff-resistant, Cordura®-covered, deep-cushioned, high-back seat with padded lumbar support and armrests

  • Roomy, iso-mounted, shock-absorbing footrest

Warranty Warrantybug 100vseries 2yr500com 4yr500res[1]

  • Commercial Use: 2-year or 500-hour (whichever comes first); limited warranty covering parts and labor.

  • Residential Use: 4-year or 500-hour (whichever comes first); limited warranty covering parts and labor.

Gramowers201412 245 (1) Ultimate Operator Station

ComfortZone™ seat eliminates jostles and jolts with coil-spring suspension and a fully padded, high-back seat, padded armrests and variable density foam cushion. Iso-mounting smooths the ride, erases fatigue and keeps the operator comfortably in control at faster mowing speeds

View Eze Console

Operational controls including throttle, choke and angled View-Eze™ console and adjustable cup holder are well positioned for visibility and ease of reach

One- or two-handed operation with ComfortReach™ adjustable Hydra-Smooth™ dual levers that automatically return to neutral from either forward or reverse position.

QuikAjust Drop Pin Height Adjustment

Raise and lower the deck easily with foot pedal and drop pin for precision cutting heights between 1.0 and 5.0 inches.

Reduced Maintenance

- Only two Access-Eze™ lubrication points cut maintenance time up to 95%

- Self-tensioning belts minimize cost and labor on routine maintenance


Rugged Construction

- Robotically-welded steel construction for long-lasting durability

- Centered-bearing design provides greater load-bearing capacity to handle the weight of operator, fuel and high-capacity collector with reserve strength for curb shocks and weight shifts

- Tough-as-nails powder-coated finish is fusion-bonded for chip and rust resistance


transmission and steering
Design-matched hydrostatic system with in-line cooling fans. Fully hydraulic, integrated Parker HT Series transmission with variable displacement piston-type pumps and high-torque wheel motors for each drive wheel.
0 - 7.5 mph (0 - 12.1 kph) forward (41) 0 - 5.5 mph (0 - 8.9 kph) reverse (41) 0 - 8.0 mph (0 - 12.9 kph) forward (48) 0 - 6.0 mph (0 - 9.7 kph) reverse( 48)
Dynamic braking through hydrostatic transmission.
One- or two-hand operation with adjustable HydraSmooth™ dual levers that automatically return to neutral from either forward or reverse position.
Parking Brake
Turning Radius
True zero degree, turns within own length with counter-rotating, independently powered drive wheels.
Filtration/Hydro Fluid
Internal field-serviceable filter / No break-in oil change required; best-in-class service intervals with CoolTemp Hydro-Max™ fluid.
ultimate operator station
Iso-mounted Premium Comfort Seat. Features include a high-back, deep-cushioned, foam-padded Cordura®-covered, padded foldable arm rests, padded backrest with lumbar support, coil-spring suspension and embroidered Grasshopper logo on seat back. Adjustable fore and aft.
Hour Meter
Roomy, iso-mounted footrest with Shock Impact Reduction System™ (SIRS™).
Work Lights
Optional - LED
Console-mounted Instruments
Digital hour meter, parking brake indicator light, ignition switch, choke and push/pull PTO switch.
starter and electrical system
Solenoid shift
Battery (maintenance-free)
12 Volt

Foot Pedal Kit

Extends foot pedals to allow easy height control for shorter operators.Grasshopper 124V

4X Rear Disghange

Dedicated 48--inch and larger rear discharge decks throw clippings out back for a smooth cut and no windrowing.Grasshopper 124V


QuikAjust Tilt™ Levers

Available for all MidMount models, optional QuikAjust Tilt™ steering levers (except 124V-41) with "no tools" adjustment provide a 9-inch range for maximum comfort and fit while maintaining natural arm and wrist positions..Grasshopper 124V


LED Work Lights

LED work lights provide improved visibility in low light situations.

Grasshopper 124V


Yellow Beacon Light

Yellow beacon attaches to OPS or ROPS to provide greater visibility in high-traffic areas.Grasshopper 124V


Custom Cordura® Weather Cover

Weather-resistant, black Cordura fabric cover with embroidered Grasshopper logo keeps seat and engine area protected during storage or between mowings. Slips over ROPS, with Velcro closure to secure the opening.Grasshopper 124V


Down Discharge™ Mulching Package

The optional Down Discharge™ mulching package with GrassMax™ medium-lift blades cuts and recuts clippings and directs them deep into the grass bed, enriching turf and producing a beautifully manicured cut.

Grasshopper 124V

DuraFlex™ Suspension Forks

Optional DuraFlex™ Suspension Forks absorb the impacts of rough terrain to maintain a level cut, and can be set for use with PowerVac™ collectors.Grasshopper 124V


PowerVac® MidMount Collection System

  • PowerVac™ Collection Systems deliver a clean sweep on every pass. Simply adjust your mowing speed to your conditions.Grasshopper 124V

  • Quik-D-Tatch® Vac drive can be removed in seconds without tools

Side Discharge Control Kit

Control the discharge of the mower deck to avoid putting clippings in flower beds and on sidewalks

Grasshopper 124V

Sunshade Canopy Vinyl

Lightweight, water repellent, UV-resistant vinyl canopy mounts easily to OPS or ROPS to limit exposure to direct sunlight, reducing eye strain and increasing operator comfort.Grasshopper 124V


Sunshade Canopy Aluminum

Diamond-plated aluminum canopy is highly resistant to abrasions. Mounts to ROPS or OPS to increase operator comfort by limiting exposure to direct sunlight and reducing eye strain. Canopy tilts up and down to accommodate operator’s size. Optional cooling fan and LED light kit increase operator comfort and visibility.Grasshopper 124V




"When my husband was deciding to purchase a new mower a couple of years ago, I told him that I wanted an ultimate driving mower. I enjoy mowing our lawn and I knew some things I wanted out of a mower. I expected it to be reliable, comfortable, fun to drive, and of course most of all to have a great looking lawn when I was finished my "drive". After a couple of days of research, my husband and I drove to a local lawn mower dealership who sold Grasshoppers. After talking with the owner and taking a "test drive", we were sold. The Grasshopper is just "so much more mower" than any other we have ever owned and it makes the job so fast and easy. I almost prefer driving my mower than driving my car and our 32 year old one acre lawn has never looked better."


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