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New Holland T9 with PLM Intelligence™

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T9 with PLM Intelligence™



T9 models range from 425 to 682 max hp, with traditional Ultra Command™ full powershift transmission or the NEW Auto Command™ CVT, in wheeled models or your choice of TWO SmartTrax™ designs.


With all the hours you spend in the field, shouldn’t work feel a little more like home? We think so. That’s why we’ve added more accessible storage, power ports, HVAC vents, egress lights and the most comfortable seat outside of your living room.


The new IntelliView™ 12 display and Sidewinder™ Ultra armrest is second to none!  We built your control package around the revolutionary idea that customer adjustments should come standard to increase your operator and fleet.


Added connectivity provides more support features, reducing downtime and keeping operators in the field. Remote display viewing allows a manager or dealer to view exactly what an operator is seeing on the IntelliView™ 12 display.


Growing production demands, resource challenges, labor shortages, weather uncertainties... these are just a few of the obstacles you face every day. You need a dependable partner in the field to help you simplify things. One that knows your operation inside and out. That connects you effortlessly to real-time resources and insights. That adapts to the way you work... not the other way around. Introducing the T9 with PLM Intelligence™

When the time comes to deliver precision results in the field, there’s no room for a “one-size-fits-all” approach. Every operator has their own unique preferences and requirements with their IntelliView display. So, on the T9 with PLM Intelligence™we built your controls package around the revolutionary idea that custom adjustments should come standard.

Variable hydraulic technology on the T9 with PLM Intelligence™ lets you control all eight remote valves from any of 15 in-cab hydraulic buttons. Up to nine configurable buttons let you customize armrest controls to the operator or the task at hand.

Whether you’re in an open field or on a busy road, awareness of your surroundings is essential. We’ve reduced in-cab obstructions, placed your InfoView™ monitor in direct line-of-sight and even installed a nose mounted camera and a rear facing camera for road safety and in-field work. Redesigned cab and instrument layout provides you with nearly 360-degrees of visibility. Welcome to your new horizon.

Additional cab lights and controls let you configure custom lighting patterns, choose from three different lighting packages and turn night into day. Plus strategically placed cameras offer additional safety, visibility and peace of mind. In the field or on the road.


With all the hours you spend in the field, shouldn’t work feel a little more like home? We think so. That’s why we’ve added more accessible storage, power ports, HVAC vents, egress lights and the most comfortable seat outside of your living room: Multi-zone HVAC system ensures optimal comfort, control and visibility no matter the climate or season. Additionally, redesigned SideWinder™ Ultra armrest offers multi-directional, independent motion to provide nearly infinite comfort configurations.

When you’re operating a tractor that measures productivity and precision in seconds and fractions of an inch, you have no patience for “downtime”. With MyPLM™Connect you can stay in touch with your machines at all times, from anywhere. We have incorporated remote connectivity to provide New Holland Remote Assistance, advanced diagnostics, IntelliView™ Connect remote Display Viewing and software updates.

Customer-to-Vehicle Connectivity
Allows you to run your farm business from the cab, the farm office or the other side of the world.

Dealer-to-Vehicle Connectivity
Helps you minimize downtime with proactive support, remote monitoring and diagnostics and in-field software updates.

Advisor-to-Vehicle Connectivity
Lets you stay in touch with agronomists and other experts to improve decision-making on the move.
MyPLM™Connect Advanced package free for 5 years

Assisting fleet managers to make right time decision. Providing real time field data at your fingertips. Enabling accurate data management to improve operating efficiency. It all comes standard on T9 with PLM Intelligence™. What’s more, in order to improve your uptime, New Holland’s Breakdown Assist service has been fully integrated, free of charge.
Access to MyPLM™Connect Portal through MyNew Holland™

MyNew Holland™ provides owners and users the ability to view and manage their machinery fleets online. Users will be able to access a range of information, such as operator manuals and how-to videos as well as an option to view activations and subscriptions via the live link to the VMS tool. Users can even make purchase requests direct with their dealer to activate a service or takeout a subscription. MyNew Holland™ also provides direct access to the MyPLM™Connect Portal.

True innovation doesn’t require an advanced degree to operate. To help you harness all of the powerful features and technologies built into the new T9, we developed a user-friendly interface that feels as natural and instinctual as agriculture itself.

Improved button orientation and handle ergonomics put precision command in your hands and enhanced joystick design lets you control tractor transmission functions as well as hydraulic remotes. Easily split screens, expand tiles, and set up tasks right from the homescreen on the new IntelliView 12™ in-cab display. Plus bluetooth connection allows you to control phone and radio through armrest or display.

Take a closer look at the T9 Series with PLM Intelligence advantages that improve your productivity, decrease your cost of ownership and boost your bottom line.


T9 with PLM Intelligence™
Sale Type
New Holland
FPT Cursor 9 - FPT Cursor 13
No. Of Cyl. / Aspiration / Valves
Diesel Capacity (Wheeled) Gal. (L)
219 (829) - 307 (1162)


Your T9 tractor is powered by an ECOBlue™ HI-eSCR (High Efficiency Selective Catalytic Reduction) Cursor engine developed by New Holland’s sister company FPT Industrial. These engines, which comply with the even-more-stringent Tier 4B emissions standards, offer you four key benefits:
Performance: T9 engines offer more power, torque, torque back-up and engine power management while maintaining outstanding transient response.
Efficient operation: Fluid consumption (diesel plus DEF) will be the same or better than Tier 4A T9 tractors. You also benefit from reduced life-long operating costs.
Simplicity: The simpler engine solution ensures a higher power potential and the reduced cooling requirements mean more efficient operation.
Consistency: There’s no change in vehicle operation compared to previous Tier 4A models.


This New Holland system delivers the highest NOx conversion efficiency in the industry. The patented SCR-only emission system is a true after-treatment system and works outside the engine. This allows the engines to produce class-leading power and reaps the benefits of better fuel efficiency compared to EGR/Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF)/SCR emissions system found in competitive models. This multi-patented system uses an Engine Control Unit, which not only manages the engine, but also the HI-eSCR after-treatment system by controlling the supply and dosing modules. Using a dedicated closed-loop system, it continuously monitors the NOx levels in the exhaust gases, ensuring that during every cycle the precise amount of DEF is injected to achieve NOx conversion of over 95%, all while guaranteeing low fluid consumption.


ECOBlue™ HI-eSCR technology has increased the power and already-exceptional productivity of your T9 tractor, independent of fuel quality, sulphur levels and without the need for costly diesel additives. That’s more power from less fuel with clean emissions.

genesis-t8-tier-4b-now-everything-is-possible-01.jpg POWERED BY FPT INDUSTRIAL

New Holland is not going it alone when it comes to Tier 4 technology. They can draw on the experience of their in-house engine development group: FPT Industrial.

Pioneers: Fiat invented Common Rail technology in the 1980s. They were the very first to introduce it on agricultural machines on the TS-A tractor. Pioneering. Always.
Cleaner: Fiat has topped the Dow Jones Sustainability World and Europe indexes for the Industrial Engineering sector. Cleaner. Everywhere.
Proven: FPT Industrial has pioneered SCR technology since 1995 and has already produced over 650,000 SCR engines during the last eight years for the agricultural, construction and trucking industries. The award-winning HI-eSCR solution has been extensively tested and clinched numerous awards. Reliability. Confirmed.


At New Holland, we’re passionate about transient response. It’s your productivity guarantee. Put simply, since your Cursor engine breathes only clean fresh air, it can react more quickly when placed under load—a lot more quickly in fact. So when you’re transporting heavy trailers or grain carts and you encounter a hill, you’ll be able to maintain constant forward speed with no slow down. Transient response. We’ve got it covered.



Emissions released from burning diesel are a significant contributor to a farm’s overall carbon footprint. ECOBlue™ HI-eSCR technology for Tier 4B compliance reduces NOx emissions and maintains the T9 Series’ impressive fuel efficiency, bringing about a substantial cut in your farm’s carbon emissions.


genesis-t8-tier-4b-now-everything-is-possible-01.jpg ENGINE POWER MANAGEMENT

Engine Power Management is a renowned New Holland tractor feature. In short, the engine develops more power and torque according to the load on the transmission during hydraulic, PTO, and transport. On a T9.600 tractor, EPM delivers up to 62 additional horsepower but only when it is needed to maintain performance.

genesis-t8-tier-4b-now-everything-is-possible-01.jpg DESIGNED FOR AGRICULTURE

Purposely developed for agriculture, the two-stage turbocharged engines of the T9.600, T9.645 and T9.700 tractors are all part of the proven New Holland efficiency package. The aim? To deliver improved power and sustained output in varying load conditions. You get all the power you need from less fuel. And, of course, all models meet stringent Tier 4B emission standards.




genesis-t8-tier-4b-now-everything-is-possible-01.jpgSelect from two intuitive New Holland transmission choices – the traditional Ultra Command™ full powershift transmission or the NEW Auto Command™ Continuously Variable Transmission (CVT) for ultimate precision and smooth control.

AUTO COMMAND™ CVT (T9.435 I T9.480 I T9.530 I T9.565 I T9.600)


When you pair the extreme power of New Holland T9 Series 4WD tractors with the precise control of the Auto Command™ CVT, you make your workday more comfortable and productive in the most demanding conditions. It provides faster acceleration to road speed at 1,650 engine rpm, and gives you maximum speed control. Use three adjustable target speeds to match your every need. Simply set your target speed anywhere between 3.0 feet per minute right through 25 mph and regulate it to the nearest 0.01 mph. No steps. No range changes. Just seamless speed changes to match the jobs you do, from seeding to hauling and running grain carts.


The Auto Command transmission allows for easier slow-speed operation, more precise speed control for high-value crops and added safety when backing up to hookup large implements. Using Auto Command saves you fatigue and fuel. You get automated efficiency without operator input, and can operate at peak power for any forward speed.


genesis-t8-tier-4b-now-everything-is-possible-01.jpgThe Auto Command responds to the amount of force you apply to the CommandGrip™ controller. Move the lever gently for gradual response, aggressively for quick response. Other controls are just as intuitive thanks to New Holland’s award-winning SideWinder™ II armrest with fully integrated IntelliView™ wide touchscreen display.
Select from four driving modes to suit your driving style:
• Auto Mode. Select the desired target speed and Auto Command matches the engine and transmission to maintain it.
• Cruise Mode. Set Auto Command to maintain a desired operating speed for economy and productivity.
• Manual Mode. Set the required engine and forward speed, independently of each other.
• PTO mode. As soon as the PTO is engaged, Auto Command guarantees a constant engine speed.



When you bring the tractor to a standstill, Auto Command prevents the tractor moving backwards or forwards, even with a heavy load. When you release the brake pedal, drive reengages and the transmission assures there is no risk of roll back on steep inclines. Imagine the efficiency you’ll gain when transporting or during frequent shuttling. That’s Active StopStart.

ULTRA COMMAND™ THE FULL POWERSHIFT (AVAILABLE ON ALL MODELS) genesis-t8-tier-4b-now-everything-is-possible-01.jpg

New Holland has toughened up its already proven Ultra Command™ full powershift transmission. Now with added strength and improved control, it is truly something special. It gives you the benefit of a new control system using the CommandGrip™ handle for fingertip access to ‘manual’ push button shifts and automated Ground Speed Management. A Hi-Lo dual power is fitted to gear 16, allowing you to quickly increase maximum transport speed from 19 to 25 mph.

Best-in-class power, torque, and overall fluid efficiency

The T9.700 with Ultra Command™ powershift set new benchmarks in drawbar fuel efficiency, drawbar horsepower and maximum pull when tested by the Nebraska Tractor Test Laboratory (NTTL). In fact, tests found the complete T9 Series tractor line features power, torque and overall fluid efficiency that lead this tractor class, which means better productivity and reduced operating costs for you.


The latest Ultra Command improvements reduce the time it takes to shift and shuttle. You can shift from gear 1 to 16 in 20% less time and shift from forward to reverse 38% faster. The result: Ultra Command uses less fuel, decreases operating costs and reduces fatigue.



New Holland Ground Speed Management (GSM) is more than just an automated transmission shift system. Simple to set up and extremely efficient, GSM is a dependable way to reduce operator fatigue and fuel consumption to increase overall productivity. With CVT-like functionality, it uses a combination of data relating to engine load, forward speed and operator setting to manage both engine and transmission speeds to optimize performance and economy.


When load conditions change in the field, GSM automatically maintains a fixed forward speed. Just set your desired working speed and then select the GSM function. The automated system then matches engine and transmission speeds to maintain this fixed forward speed, to deliver the perfect balance between maintaining productivity without compromising economy.



During road transport, GSM automatically shifts the transmission according to load and throttle settings. With heavy loads, GSM downshifts to assist with engine braking on steep inclines.



sidewinder™ ultra armrest and commandgrip multifunction handle

SideWinder™ Ultra: the ultimate ergonomic farming experience.


T9 Series tractors offer sophisticated features that are easy and intuitive to access. The SideWinder™ Ultra armrest hosts all key controls, including throttle, transmission and hydraulics. Everything you need to control is intuitively selected. More advanced features can be quickly accessed.

  genesis-t8-tier-4b-now-everything-is-possible-01.jpg Customizable buttons

Up to 11 buttons can be personalized and configured on the SideWinder™ Ultra armrest. Located in strategic positions around the armrest: one on the multifunction handle, two on both the joystick and main keypad, four on the rear keypad, and one or two on the throttle/transmission keypad (depending on the transmission option selected). These buttons can be configured to suit both the task at hand and the specific preferences of the operator.

Adjustable SideWinder™ Ultra armrest


The SideWinder™ Ultra armrest can be adjusted to suit your specific requirements. Two manual levers adjust both the height and front/back position of the armrest for enhanced ergonomic operation.


operators environment

 The ultimate in farming comfort


You’ll appreciate the all-new fit and finish and automotive quality of the T9 Series cab. The ergonomic, spacious and practical environment is a must for day-long productivity.

New Holland offers you superior comfort and seating with two different cab options: The Deluxe Performance cab features a cloth seat with leather trim, a semi-active suspension and comfort-heating capabilities. For a premier seating experience consider the Luxury Performance cab. Enjoy semi-active suspension and heating capabilities in this seat too, but it’s also all-leather and is equipped with a ventilation system that cools and removes moisture to keep operators comfortable and productive when spending extended hours in the tractor.

All-day comfort


The exclusive four-point cab suspension masterfully controls front-to-back, side-to-side, and up-and-down motions to ensure that you are as comfortable after a long day’s work as you were before you started.

Settle in and enjoy the ride


The Comfort Ride™ cab suspension is revolutionary. All four corners of the cab are suspended on spring and damper units with a sophisticated anti-sway system to ensure you get a smooth and stable ride. The Comfort Ride suspension is offered on all models and is standard on SmartTrax™ II models.

Intuitive climate controls


The entire air-conditioning system has been redesigned with a powerful two-zone cooling system and precisely positioned vents to ensure whole body comfort. All controls have been ergonomically relocated to the SideWinder™ Ultra armrest, making on-the-go adjustments even easier.

Convenient and connected


We put more storage and cupholders in the newly redesigned cab than ever before to ensure maximum comfort. Technology has become part of our lives, too. You’ll always be connected with features like 26 total power charging outlets, 12V power ports, exterior camera inputs and a 120V power outlet to keep your devices fully powered.

High-quality audio


The integrated radio allows every operator to play their own MP3 music recording and receive crystal-clear radio signals. Get full access to weather radio channels, too.

Find the right position


The steering wheel now has separate tilt and telescopic adjustment as standard, which makes it even easier for you to select a comfortable working position—invaluable when spending long hours in the field or on the road.

LED power and performance


Lighting up the way for improved night-time productivity and total safety—it’s a key priority we achieve by bringing the latest automotive-sector innovations, like LED technology, into the farming world. For hardcore operators who work around the clock, you’re covered with our Performance Plus lighting package that provides 360-degree lighting system to turn darkness into light. As an added feature, all of our lighting packages can be configurable through the IntelliView™ 12 display to turn on or off certain light patterns.

models and specification
T9.435 Wheeled  
Max. EPM horsepower @ 1,900 rpm CV hp (kW) 425 (317)
Rated horsepower @ rated RPM per SAE CV hp (kW)
9 ft., 2 in.
370 (276) @ 2,000 rpm
Transmission Ultra Command™/ Auto Command™

Wheel Models - Base Shipping Weight lbs. (kg)

38,571 (17,496)
T9.480 Wheeled  
Max. EPM horsepower @ 1,900 rpm CV hp (kW) 462 (345)
Rated horsepower @ rated RPM per SAE CV hp (kW)
9 ft., 2 in.
420 (313) @ 2,100 rpm
Transmission Ultra Command™/ Auto Command™

Wheel Models - Base Shipping Weight lbs. (kg)

39,820 (18,062)
T9.530 Wheeled and SmartTrax™  
Max. EPM horsepower @ 1,900 rpm CV hp (kW) 517 (386)
Rated horsepower @ rated RPM per SAE CV hp (kW)
9 ft., 2 in.
470 (350) @ 2,100 rpm
Transmission Ultra Command™/ Auto Command™

Wheel Models - Base Shipping Weight lbs. (kg)

39,820 (18,062)
T9.565 Wheeled and SmartTrax™  
Max. EPM horsepower @ 1,900 rpm CV hp (kW) 550 (410)
Rated horsepower @ rated RPM per SAE CV hp (kW)
9 ft., 2 in.
500 (373) @ 2,100 rpm
Transmission Ultra Command™/ Auto Command™

Wheel Models - Base Shipping Weight lbs. (kg)

39,820 (18,062)
T9.600 Wheeled and SmartTrax™  
Max. EPM horsepower @ 1,900 rpm CV hp (kW) 605 (451)
Rated horsepower @ rated RPM per SAE CV hp (kW)
9 ft., 2 in.
535 (399) @ 2,100 rpm
Transmission Ultra Command™/ Auto Command™

Wheel Models - Base Shipping Weight lbs. (kg)

45,325 (20,559)
T9.645 Wheeled and SmartTrax™  
Max. EPM horsepower @ 1,900 rpm CV hp (kW) 638 (476)
Rated horsepower @ rated RPM per SAE CV hp (kW)
9 ft., 2 in.
580 (433) @ 2,100 rpm
Transmission Ultra Command™

Wheel Models - Base Shipping Weight lbs. (kg)

49,330 (22,375)

T9.700 Wheeled and SmartTrax™  
Max. EPM horsepower @ 1,900 rpm CV hp (kW) 682 (509)
Rated horsepower @ rated RPM per SAE CV hp (kW)
9 ft., 2 in.
620 (462) @ 2,100 rpm
Transmission Ultra Command™

Wheel Models - Base Shipping Weight lbs. (kg)

49,330 (22,375)

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